This One is For The Dreamers

This one goes out to the dreamers. The trailblazers. The chance-takers. This one goes out to those fighting against the current of a world not built for them, a world that now more than ever before has branded you foolish for your “insecurity”.

A pre-covid world was already hard enough for those who dared to go against the norm. The atypical was doubted, sneered at, often judged by those close to you, and ultimately was a harder path as it was the one less travelled on.
Now, the dreamers, those who dared to stick their neck out, the ones who give colour to the streets and cheer in the seats are left with nothing short of a “well, it’s your own fault.”

This is not only for those in the arts. Those who take the path less travelled by are small business owners, first generation students, older adults attempting to restart and change their stars, single parents trying to create a better life for themselves and their children, people who have immigrated and are attempting to rebuild, among so many others.

It takes so much courage to follow your dreams.
So few people do it.

You, dear dreamer, were brave to take the chance. Not stupid. Not crazy. Not useless. Regardless of what lockdowns, “essential” status, governments, and potential family may say.

From those who long to be an actor but won’t go to an audition to those who want nothing more than to see the ocean but won’t leave their small town. From those who want to have a side business but are afraid of failure to the person with so much to say that is too scared to pick up a pen.

You have something they don’t have, a resolve within you to be your true, authentic self and stamp your seal on this world, even if it doesn’t deserve it.

Dear dreamer you could have even been living your dream. Did the work, defied the odds, and crossed whatever finish line you set for yourself.
One of the lucky ones to get their business to a brick-and-mortar, land that dream job with that dream company, land the role of a century, or even get approval that you’ve chased your entire life.
If this is you, I need you to know that you did make it you did do it.
Keep understanding that these dreams, goals, ambitions that are storybook fodder for some can and should be a reality.

Taking chances now is scarier than ever before. The ground always shifting, rules of the game being twisted by those who only benefit, and for some…the dream isn’t even possible as it isn’t “permitted”.
It hurts. It will hurt. As those who are safe within the realm of the secured normal they chose walk past you and look forward, telling you to dust yourself off and move on… you are stuck… Now the world you built for yourself is gone, the savings plan out the window, and the forced bleakness settles in…

I am here to remind you, dear dreamer, that this isn’t forever. This world still needs the colour of variety that you bring it, you will be able to succeed and build and dream with fruit to bear. Even if the tunnel seems endless now, I am here to remind you (and me) that it isn’t.

Please, keep the resolve to fight past the mundane. Dream bigger and bolder than ever before. Keep the courage and bravery that sets you apart from the rest. Be inspired, look up and trudge on.
Keep the fire and spirit lit inside you so once the light appears at the end of the tunnel, you are ready for it.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
– Arthur Ashe

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