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Hey there! Welcome to JenErrant,

I have always found myself on the pursuit of adventure but not always in the form of luxurious trips to an island in the Maldives or hiking a volcano in Oahu. Adventure to me is living life your own way- being brave enough to dream big and be your own person. Doing what you want and living life without the opinions of others driving your decisions.

In this blog you will find stories, tips, tricks, photos, opinions, and mistakes I have made (so you don’t have to). In this blog you will not find limits, definitions, or status quo. This blog is a place I encourage you to ask questions, be your own person, and live a life that fulfills you.

In our lives we are taught the same sequence: to go to school, get a job, procreate, retire, die… and to some that may be perfect. To some that is all they want and nothing could make them happier and if you are one of them you are welcome here too! To me that system doesn’t work. 9-5 doesn’t fulfill me and staying still gives me more ants in my pants than I know what to do with.
So I leapt- a big leap- away from that sequence.
And I have never looked back.

This is the life that I chose 100% on my own- what does yours look like?