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An Unorthodox Education

Today I announce that I have earned my HBCmS. My Honours Bachelor of Chris Marr Studies.

Four years of hard work and effort could not have been better spent. I opted to do distance studies online with visits for exams, field trips, and work placements. I opted to not take any time off between semesters. The main reason for this decision was Visa-Related as Avondale University and its campus primarily situate in Scotland with occasional changes with off-campus Working Studies.

These years of studies were unlike any I could have imagined. Like most course-loads, there were subjects that I excelled in such as Core Chris Studies, Travel and Tourism, Snuggling, and of course the work-placements. Other subjects were less than kind to me: Music Studies was one of my worst subjects. In between those is the grey area of Distance 101-401 which got much harder as the years progressed, but in my Language and Interpretation of Scottish Slang Class, I got “Most Improved!”.

As most students these days, Covid-19 has taken a major hit. Work-Placements have been put on hold, visitations and exams postponed, and my snuggle marks have taken a staggering blow.

Through the four years I had my regular scholarly ride of getting way too wasted to do the required readings all through to spending 24/7 with the nose to the grind-stone. I can never picture a more adventurous, fulfilling, and empowering studies.
It is with that that I announce my extension of studies. With my HBCmS, I have been accepted into a Master of Chris Marr Studies Program (we know I am in charge anyways) effective immediately.

It may not be perfect, I may not be the best student sometimes, but these four years have proven to be the greatest adventure.

Thank you to Avondale University and Chris Marr for giving me the passion, love, and support required to not only complete these last four years, but to keep going for many more.

Happy 4th Anniversary Chris. I love you.

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