Fun, memory


It is that time again.

When young adults join the ranks of the elderly, strategically planning and plotting. Where “luck” is left at the door and you’re shushed for asking questions. Holding your bladders while simultaneously forcing yet another pitcher of local ale- waiting for the commands of the caller.
You put your bi-weekly resources in, willing for another victory.

That’s right folks.

It’s Bingo night.

Now this is no ordinary Bingo, no sir. This is war.

I am letting you into a local Banff secret- Thursday night Bingo.
Now I know what you are thinking- old ladies waving their stamped cards around.

You would be WRONG.

1) Waving your card in the air is an ILLEGAL move in the 26 Legion
2) Stamps null and void your call

Oh, didn’t think there were any rules in war? Think again.

No hats. No swearing. B5-give yourself a high-five. Cash only. Quack when he calls those two little ducks. Whistle when he calls the ladies legs. Groan when he makes a 69 reference. Boo (or cheer) when he makes the mention of the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. Groan at the false Bingos. Do not wave your card. NO stamps. Clean up after your table. No talking during the $1000 card. And Frank better put that DAMNED loonie in the loonie pot when the Legion number is called!

BINGO is not for the faint of heart. It is a fast-paced dance of rhythmic vocal cues, trying to manage the forest of cards in front of you, drinking, eating what they deem “hot dog” (it has been put to question before…and will be put to question again). When one of your friends goes to the washroom, the team divides and conquers their cards-
Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Many will enter- few will leave victorious.

Do you have what it takes?

“There was a farmer that had a dog… and Bingo was is name-o”

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