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Five Times Japanese Clothing Makers Tried

Learning other languages is hard… but I still got the giggles when walking around some shops in Japan. I would call home (13 hour time difference) just to read my mom and dad the shirts and try to figure out what the were supposed to translate to.

I actually bought a couple of these shirts below because they were just too good! Great job in trying Japanese Clothing makers! Your English is still better than my Japanese!

1: Who needs bad luck?

“OHHH I wanna RIDOANCE with somebody!”

2: Sunday? Maybe? Why the oranges? So many questions…

“Easy like a sunbeam morning!”

3: I like this too.

“Me Gusta”

4: One fun. Single Fun.

“Girls just wanna have a fun”

5: Whell, Whell, Whell… What do we have here?

“Whell… You know you make me wanna SHOUT!”

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