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A Cider Girl in a Beer World

Beer is gross.
There, I’ve said it.
My opinion on beer for forever. I am also allergic to it. It is a Russian Roulette between getting hammered in a sip and getting violently sick on the spot… to me it just is not worth the gamble.

But Alcoholic apple juice. That is where it is AT.
From kindergarten you are programmed to love a good sip of AJ- sippy cup, box form, you move up to a glass, and then regress back to a bottle (or a can!). Naturally we were being groomed for loving the good stuff (well done cider marketers…)

Cider even comes in different fruit variations, you can mix it up.
The rest of the Western World has figured it out. Several options of cider of varying fruits, dryness, alcohol contents… I have been a lot of places, had a lot of different cider…then you come to North America.

We love beer.

I say “we”. I am not part of “we” and I know a lot of people who aren’t either.
It is part of our cultural identity. Canada is known for its “stronger” beer than in the States. People write songs about it. BBQ culture is rampant in North America, and often paired with a burger and dog, is a beer. Everytime I show up with my 6-pack of cider though, everyone wants one or at least a sip!

So why is there not a bigger market here?

Don’t get me wrong, some places have a few options. If you go to an LCBO in Ontario you can find some fun stuff and farms often have their own brand of cider.

I am currently living in Banff, Alberta. There are several breweries of various beverages but mostly beer. Much like most else in the Bow Valley, Cider is LETHALLY expensive. I am talking 8 bucks for a slender can. I don’t think so.

While everyone else enjoys the cheap stein of the night, slamming a fiver at a time, there sits me NURSING to DEATH an overly priced cider. I mean, once upon a time people drank ale to stay hydrated and cook with and in certain parts of the world, wine is cheaper than water… there is more to life than beer.

I will keep reminding myself that when I am half-done one and my friends are through their second- at par with my bill.

It is hard being a cider girl in a beer world… but I guess there are always cocktails!

“Here’s to alcohol, the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems.” ~ Homer Simpson

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