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Travelling is Not for Everyone (and that is OKAY!)

I’m not sure when the expectation for the love of travel happened. It was probably around the time of the Wright Brother’s fancy new invention; where people would brag about where they had been and how “worldly” they are (In my opinion, you can visit the whole world and still not be worldly). But now there is this expectation of the existence of a bucket list and a love for adventure.
My friends, you do not have to like travel-even the idea of it.

Personally, I love travelling. It is the biggest selling feature of my current job. But that, dear ones, that is called personal preference.
See, some people like their 9-5, four walls, their cat, and stability. There is nothing wrong with this. When someone tells you they haven’t been anywhere- be understanding! Some people just are not interested in it. That judging look you give them is probably the exact same one they give you when you tell them you travel. They don’t understand how you could just go off just the same as you don’t understand how they could just stay home.
There are varying degrees of this (people are different? Whoa!). Some people do a 9-5, have that stability and travel in their provided vacation time once a year and some people give up work and everything in their lives to see the world.
If everyone loved travelling there would be no work force, more cats without homes, and the dreaded tourist season would never end.
Instagram, Twitter, and Blue Planet (looking at you David Attenborough) all instill this expectation for the desire to see things. Wanting to a) get those tourist dollars and b) brag about what you have done.
To me, some places are just overrated due to this… I found that Times Square is a bunch of stores, signs, and naked cowboys selling pictures for $5, the Spanish Steps are literally stairs, and the CN Tower is a big, pointy building with an expensive restaurant. But in all of these different media platforms they are portrayed as extravagant and gorgeous.
Again, all of the above are my personal opinion of each place, but it leaves the questions: what is worth visiting to you and why?
My ex was not a traveller. He didn’t like the idea of it at all. He would prefer a stay-cation and do things that are local. At the time, I thought he was crazy. How could you be okay with never leaving your local area? I know people who have never left Southern Ontario, let alone Ontario or even Canada. Will I ever fully understand their side? No. I wanted to travel everywhere and see and experience everything the world had to offer me (there is a reason he is my ex) but I can respect the differences between them and myself.
The more I travel, the more I love it, but also the more I get how people could just not want to be bothered. It is a pain in the butt. Getting there, staying there, doing stuff, eating stuff, spending money, and coming home (this process is exactly why people have travel agents). If you want to do it on a budget, it becomes increasingly more stressful and a lot of work and research and heaven forbid something not go to plan (something will always not go to plan). To some (like me) the stress is worth it. But for others it really isn’t. They just don’t want to deal with it all so they sometimes just cut it all out.
We all spend money on what we want to- I spend it on tattoos and plane tickets, and others spend it on lottery tickets, a car, a spa weekend etc.. We all make our own choices based on our own preferences.
Experiences in life are all for the individual. We shouldn’t hate on people for their choices just because it wouldn’t be made by us.
Traveling is not for everyone, sometimes it isn’t even for the nomads of life, and sometimes life happens and you can’t travel for a while. Whatever the reason for your local lifestyle, you aren’t wrong. It is not bad or wrong that you are not travelling. You can live through pictures if you want to or just enjoy where you are. There is nothing wrong with that.
The world is open to us if we choose it. Sometimes, all we want is home.

“Let us never confuse stability with stagnation.”- Mary Jean LeTendre

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